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Let me start off by saying that I do a reasonable amount of dry camping at the sand dunes in So. Calif (Glamis) or formally know as Algodones Dunes.

When I shower, I waste a lot of water waiting for the water to get hot and that just fills up my gray holding tank and  robs me of usable water.

I’ll start off this explanation of how I added the SHOWERMI$ER by telling you up front that it’s not easy but with patients and an abundance of time, you’ll get it done.

Larry J – Ontario, CA

2016 Newmar Dutch Star 4369

We got our new 2018 Newmar Dutch Star on Sept 23, 2017 at National Indoor RV Center in Lawrenceville, Ga.

We traded a 2016 Entegra Aspire on this new Newmar.

Entegra and Tiffin need to get on board and install your system on their new coaches.

Note: Ronald called us to tell us how much they love their Aqua View SHOWERMI$ER system and that they do alot of dry camping at rallies.  He requested that we send him some brochures and hang tags to give out.

Ronald P. – Fl

2018 Newmar Dutch Star

By the way, even though we do use the SHOWERMI$ER to wait while the water gets hot (and save the water)  I think the real benefit for lots of RV folks is the ability to fill (or put just a few gallons into)  the fresh water tank directly from the inside faucet, instead of having to mess around outside with the hose and another connection.  Many times we need just a bit of water in the fresh tank while traveling for washing up or using the toilet – and just diverting a bit through the SHOWERMI$ER makes that easy.

Thanks Again,

Jeff – Woodway, TX

2019 Rockwood MiniLite

We have a 2019 Forest River MiniLite RV and it has the SHOWERMI$ER.

At first, I didn’t know what it was, nor did the dealer… watched the video online and got it.

I have to say this is one of the best inventions ever!  It works great to save our fresh water and not waste room in the gray tank waiting for the water to heat up.

I use it for hot water on all of the spigots, need hot water at kitchen sink, I run the Showermiser in the shower and the time to get hot water at the kitchen sink is almost nil…


Tim – Norwood, PA

2019 Forest River MiniLite

I have finally had the time to install my SHOWERMI$ER Mushroom on our class C.  I Hope these pictures might help others.

Note: The junction on the return line is for the return from the kitchen sink (next project).

Click here to watch his Power Point SS.pptx  


Wayne K. – Connecticut

SHOWERMI$ER Mushroom Model in a 2017 SUNSEEKER 2700DS

If you’re like me and “boondock” from time to time, water conservation is at the top of your list.  It’s no fun having to break camp to refill your fresh water tank.  While dry camping my wife and I usually use buckets to capture the otherwise wasted water as we wait for the hot water to reach our rear shower.

When I saw the ShowerMiser advertised in one of the RV magazines I was excited and thought, this is just what the “Doctor Ordered”.  When I contacted Aqua View it was outside of their normal business hours. I left a voicemail message and it wasn’t long before I received a return call from Gus Searcy the owner.  After having a short conversation with Gus, I was convinced this product would work in my Motorhome a 2013 Holiday Rambler  Ambassador 40DFT.

I ordered the SKB001 system (This is the Brushed Nickel SINKMI$ER, but it can also be used in the shower) and from that point forward the customer service I received went far beyond what I’ve experienced from other companies.  I decided to do the install myself and Gus even provided technical support when I needed it.

I found the install to be simple however there are some suggestions I will make to those do-it-yourselfers like me.  I made two mistakes one of which was assuming that the pex pipe fittings found at Home Depot are the same as RV fittings, particularly the swivel fittings that attach directly to the diverter valve.  Don’t use these, as the cone shaped washer does not seal very well and will leak.  The system is designed to use RV fittings and if you use these you will not have leaks.

The second mistake I made was cutting the “T” that attaches to the mushroom the wrong way.  Because of the limited space I had to work with,  it was necessary to shorten the “T” and I mistakenly cut it the wrong way.  It can be cut using a PVC ratcheting cutter which I used but it must be cut in the proper direction or it may crack like mine.  Fortunately for me when I contacted Aqua View Gus provided another one at no additional cost.  Once these two issues were resolved the installation was very easy.

Thanks Gus for developing this wonderful water saving product.

Update: We boondocked last week and loved the miser!

Click here to watch his Power Point Shower.pptx

Bruce J. – California

SHOWERMI$ER INSTALLATION: Motorhome a 2013 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 40DFT.

Greetings from TN just wanted to report in sink/SHOWERMI$ER is working flawlessly.  I have worked on the presentation of the SINKMI$ER as a power point.

Morning Gus my wife told me to email you. She said you need provide a warning label on the kitchen sink installs saying “warning hot water”. She said that’s a good thing as she did not have it before. Yes another satisfied customer. 

Click here to watch his Power Point

Wayne W. – Indiana


When I decided to swap my RV tub for a shower in my 2000 Winnebago Adventurer 37G (has almost 150K Miles), I thought your product would solve a couple of problems. I wanted a single control rather than two separate knobs, and I like to boondock and it is quite a way from my water heater to the shower.

I have been working this project for a while and the SHOWERMI$ER has been in several configurations. I tried it in a horizontal configuration in the tub, before putting in the shower but didn’t like the way the handle mounted. Next I put it in the shower with tarps and shower curtains, got the configuration right. Now it is fully mounted in the shower, with proper shower walls.


Came out pretty well even if I do say so myself.

Susan D. – Texas

SHOWERMI$ER INSTALLATION: 2000 Winnebago Adventurer 37G

“I recently completed the install in my shower, We love the product. I told you I would I would send some pictures of the install. (Attached) I have more pictures and a write up of the installation that I can send if you are interested. Install was in a Berkshire 38A Rear Bath.”

Click here to watch his Power Point

Rick – Louisiana


“I installed the SHOWERMI$ER on my Winnebago Aspect Model 27K but in the vertical position.  Well it is installed and no leaks..  Water temp is set at 116 degrees on tankless water heater.  Blue tube got warm to touch but did not turn to a solid white or gray color, it still had a slight blue stripe in it (This is due to the downward vertical install position). Return line at freshwater tank was warm.  When water diverted to shower head it was hot.

We did a modification to your install. See attached photos. Wish we had 2 jam nuts and 2 washers but we made it work.  We machined the enclosed jam nut to half its thickness so we could make a neat water tight install on shower side. Inserted nipple through wall and installed washer and modified nut onto nipple and then installed nipple into temp indicator elbow. The neighbor/plumber does not use Teflon tape on plastic fitting only pipe dope or silicone sealer. Claims the added layers of Teflon tape in a plastic joint results in to tight a fit and puts pressure on fitting which can result in a cracked fitting.  Can’t knock 50 years of experience. Next adjusted nut and washer on shower side of nipple so everything was aligned vertically. Next installed plastic washer, metal washer and jam nut on nipple inside wall and tightened to secure nipple and seal opening on both sides of shower wall. This is where second washer and nut in kit would have been nice to have.  Next attached 1/2″ plastic Tee, with 1/2 x 1/2 straight SharkBite connector one end of Tee and 1/2 x 1/4 reducer for Shrader valve on other end to allow line to be blown out. Next attached Ptex line to SharkBite connector. Routing Ptex line was a challenge but we did it.

Removed gravity fill fresh water hose from fresh water tank. Next, installed a 1 1/2 x 1 x 1 1/2 plastic Tee with 1 1/4 threaded coupling on one end of Tee, 1 x 1/2 reducer and 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 reducer in other ports on Tee.  Next, original gravity fill hose fitting was reinstalled to Tee and 1/2 x 1/2 90 Degree SharkBite connector installed in Tee. Pex return line installed into SharkBite fitting. Turned on water pump and checked for leaks.  Next turned on water heater and checked to see if everything worked.  Only problem noticed on first trial is color of SHOWERMI$ER unit did not turn white when hot water was present, it still had a slight blue stripe in it (This is due to the downward vertical install position).  Diverter valve and channeling water back to tank worked A-OK. Only thing left to do is make cover for access hole cut in wall.

Works great and saves water, very Happy.” 

John – PA

SHOWERMI$ER INSTALLATION: Winnebago Aspect Model 27K

“I was looking for a way to save water during showers in my RV.  I have a 2016 Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106DS with only a 30 gallon fresh water tank and an Atwood on demand water heater.  I found a thread on the iRV2 blog that mention your product as a possible option.  After reviewing the information on your website, I thought your Aqua View SHOWERMI$ER was what I was looking for, and I was right.

Attached are before and after pictures along with pictures of how I tied it back into my fresh water fill.  I did not have access to run the return line behind the shower wall so I ran it out over the top of the shower curtain support.  You’ll notice I shortened the blue tube so I could run the return line up the 45 degree corner at the back of the shower and then out over the top of the shower curtain support and down the outside.  At the floor I ran it across the back wall into a bathroom cabinet and then up to the fresh water fill.

I used the Aqua View SHOWERMI$ER to shower this morning, it worked great and I didn’t have to waste water.  Thanks!

Fred F. – PA

SHOWERMI$ER INSTALLATION: 2016 Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106DS

“We are big dry campers and the amount of water being wasted to take a shower was maddening.  We have a 2016 Fleetwood Providence, the SHOWERMI$ER is a God send and we can now stay out longer each trip.” 

Terry S. – CA

SHOWERMI$ER INSTALLATION: 2016 Fleetwood Providence

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