Aqua View Inc. Fresh Water Reclamation Systems

Now Being Factory Installed by Major US RV Brands

Our Mission is to be the world leader in providing inexpensive, simple, and innovative technologies for water and energy conservation…with results you can see!

Have you ever stopped to think of how many gallons of clean, cold water go down the drain from the time we turn on our shower faucet, until the water is warm enough for us to step in! Do you live in an area impacted by increasing fluctuations in weather resulting in drought conditions?

Whether we are at home or away in a hotel, RV’s, or boats/ships, we unintentionally waste A LOT of clean drinking water! We can SAVE that water before it even comes out of the shower head!

Are you ready to not only save money, but save thousands of gallons each year of this valuable resource?

At Aqua View, we believe that by utilizing our patented, cost-effective Fresh Water Reclamation Systems and technologies, we can make it easier for you to become part of the solution!


Shower Miser

Showermi$er is a Fresh Water Reclamation System for RV’s. Unlike water flow restriction devices, Aqua View’s patented Showermi$er Fresh Water Reclamation System recirculates unused fresh water before it ever goes down the drain, saving money and extending your fresh and gray water tank capacities up to 40% without changing tanks or adding weight. Imagine: no more wasted water – and money – down the drain. Now being factory-installed by North America’s leading RV manufacturers. Also available for retrofitting existing RV’s.

Showermi$er In Wall Units
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