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How do I use the SHOWERMI$ER

To use the SHOWERMI$ER do the following steps:

  1. Make sure hot water system (Tank or Tankless) is on and operating correctly.
  2. If not on City hook ups make sure water pump is on.
  3. Determine the correct positions for the SHOWERMI$ER diverter valve:       a) Position #1 sends the water to the shower head.  b) Position #2 sends the water through the blue tube or mushroom (depending on your model) back to the fresh water tank.
  4. Turn the diverter valve knob to position # 2.
  5. Turn the hot water on to the full position. Note: no water will come out of the shower head but you will hear water running.
  6. Keep your eye on the blue tube (or mushroom) once the hot water has arrived it will start to turn from blue to white.
  7. Once the hot water is now flowing through the SHOWERMI$ER turn down the hot water and add cold water until your preferred hot and cold water mix is reached In the beginning you will not know exactly where the proper position of the hot and cold water valves should be placed but you will learn (maybe even mark the valves with a small dot) the correct position with a little experimentation.  .
  8. Turn the SHOWERMI$ER diverter knob to position #1.  water will now flow from the water head.
  9. Once you are completely wet, again turn the SHOWERMI$ER diverter knob back to position #2. You can now wash your hair, soap up and know you are not wasting water and the water temperature  will be the same when you are ready to rinse off.
  10. Once you are ready to rinse off turn the SHOWERMI$ER diverter knob back to position #1.
  11. Shut off water valves when finished.
  12. Note: to avoid wasted drips and leaks from the shower head it is suggested you keep the SHOWERMI$ER valve in position #2 when the shower is not in use.
  13. turn the SHOWERMI$ER diverter knob back to position #2.
Does the product have a warranty?

Yes. It is one year from time of purchase*

Factory Warranty Information
For all models, if come pre-installed in and RV or Boat, the RV or Boat’s manufacturer’s warranty will apply even if it is longer than the one year period as stated below.

Extended Warranty

A Lifetime warranty is available, subject to a $5.00 registration fee, proof of purchase, and completed within one month (30 days) of purchase (automatic for web purchasers). We will continue to support and repair at no charge any units returned to our office after the warranty period where the fault would have been covered as below.
All freight, duties and customs charges are the responsibility of the owner.

Repair Policy

Aqua View’s policy is to achieve service for the customer in as short a time as is practical. Provided the faulty equipment is cosmetically suitable, the customer will usually be sent a replacement immediately. The replacement may be new or refurbished, but will be of an equivalent standard to the equipment returned. Aqua View Inc. keeps the returned unit. On occasions Aqua View Inc. will

work with the customer to effect correct operation if there is a operational problem before swapping units.

Where the equipment is returned outside the warranty period, the customer is responsible for freight and refurbishment costs. Freight costs are to and from Aqua View Inc. in USA. Aqua View Inc. will provide a U.P.S. Freight account if required. Costs will be invoiced to the customer after completion of refurbishment. Aqua View Inc. will give its best endeavors to keep the refurbishment costs to a minimum.

Where the equipment is returned in the first year, Aqua View Inc. will provide, at its discretion, freight account details to send the goods to Aqua View Inc., and return a replacement unit to the customer. Discretion is due to unusual or high cost of freight, which is beyond Aqua View’s control. In all cases, the warranty wording below applies.

One year from purchase date with proof of purchase.
Aqua View Inc. warrants that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12months from the production date. If the product proves defective during this warranty period, Aqua View Inc., at its option, will either repair the defective product without charge for parts and labor, or will provide a replacement in exchange for the defective product. Parts, modules and replacement products used by Aqua View Inc. for warranty work may be new or reconditioned to like new performance. All replaced parts, modules and products become the property of Aqua View Inc.

In order to obtain service under this warranty, the Customer must notify Aqua View Inc. of the defect before the expiration of the warranty period and make suitable arrangements for the performance of service. Customer shall be responsible for packaging and shipping the defective product to the service center designated by Aqua View Inc., shipping charges prepaid or using a freight account offered by Aqua View Inc., at its discretion. Aqua View Inc. shall pay for the return of the product to Customer, at its discretion. Customer shall be responsible for paying all duties, taxes, and any other charges required in order to ship the product.

This warranty shall not apply to any defect, failure or damage caused by improper use or improper or inadequate maintenance and care. Aqua View Inc. shall not be obligated to furnish service under this warranty a) to repair damage resulting from attempts by personnel other than Aqua View Inc. representatives or their agents to install, repair or service the product; b) to repair damage resulting from improper use or connection to incompatible equipment; c) to repair any damage or malfunction caused by the use of non-Aqua View Inc. supplies; or d) to service a product that has been modified or integrated with other products when the effect of such modification or integration increases the time or difficulty of servicing the product.

This warranty is given by Aqua View Inc. with respect to the product in lieu of any other warranties, express or implied. Aqua View Inc. and its vendors disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Aqua View’s responsibility to repair or replace defective products is the sole and exclusive remedy provided to the customer for breach of this warranty. Aqua View Inc. and its vendors will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages irrespective of whether Aqua View Inc. or the vendor has advance notice of the possibility of such damages.

What is the temperature that the tube changes color?

The surface of your skin is around 86 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The tube changes color at 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Also there is a 4 (3.86 ) second delay from the time the 91 degree water hits the tube and you see the change. Given that it is 4 seconds later the rest of the hot water has already arrived.

Note: This color change will happen in under 4 seconds at normal room temperatures.  If the RV or Boat is exceptionally cold the change will take a little longer.

Can the SHOWERMI$ERs be used with the Topargee Water Tank Gauge


Yes, customers that have the Showermiser, can use the water tanks gauge.  The sender must be fitted between the tank and the return line from the Showermiser. See below diagram.

For home use can more than one shower be fed into the same storage tank?

Yes but a check valve needs to be install for each shower feed so back flow will not occur.


Any Special steps when winterizing my RV?

CAUTION: The person winterizing the RV should make sure they are not in bypass mode when winterizing as it will allow anti-freeze into the Fresh Water Tank.

To prevent antifreeze from getting into the freshwater tank when winterizing..

We recommend the following:

1) Closing all faucets in the RV.
2)  Turn the SHOWERMI$ER to the recycle position.
3) Connect an air compressor to the city water input line.
4) Turn on the air compressor.
5) keep on until air is felt coming from the overflow vent.
6) Turn off the compressor and disconnect.
7) Turn SHOWERMI$ER to the regular shower mode.
8) Then continue to winterize per your RVs factory recommended method.


For home use if I don't have a sealed potable water tank what should I do?

Get one! Or you can simply send the water out to your plants and trees. If you have a gray water reclamation system you can tie into it.


Has testing been done on the materials used in the products for safety?

All of the plastic parts used are either NSF or FDA certified.
All of the Metal parts are of 100% brass construction with a less than 2% lead content.
even the glue we use is NSF certified! We use Gorilla PVC glue.
To see a complete list of our certifications please go to:



Can the TEE for the Magic Mushroom be cut?

Yes!  It can easily be cut with a PVC tube cutting knife available from any hardware store.  However, when cutting, keep the knife blade perpendicular to inner tube separator or cracking of tee may occur.


What happens if the fresh water tank is full?

If you are in a camp ground with “Full Hookups” and you continue to use the SHOWERMI$ER at some point the fresh water tank will become full.  When this happens you have two choices:

  1. Stop using the SHOWERMI$ER as the fresh water tank will over flow on to the ground through the breath hole on the water tank.
  2. Turn off the “City Water” and turn on your water pump to start using up the accumulated that normally would have been wasted. After a day or two of washing dishes and taking showers there will be plenty of room in the tank to continue SHOWERMI$ER use.
What is the proper care and maintenance?

Just use water and a soft cloth.  No harsh chemicals or abrasives should be used on the color changing tube or mushroom cap.

Keep these items out of direct sunlight.  If in an area with direct or very bright sunlight cover with a wash cloth when not in use.

All of the Metal parts are of 100% brass construction with a less than 2% lead content. They should provide years of reliable use.  Again just clean with water and a soft cloth.

If any of the items become coated with a calcium build up, clean by spraying distilled vinegar on the parts, letting is sit for a few minutes then rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Trouble Shooting the Topargee Water Tank Gauge


​Screen turns on but amount does not change:

  1. Is the snake at the top of the screen moving when water flows?  Normal condition.
  2. Is water flow in the direction of arrow?  Refit sender in direction of flow.
  3. Teflon tape or something caught in impeller?  This can be shavings from holes drilled in the tank at some stage.  Remove carefully.
  4. Have the sender wires been cut and joined?  No warranty!
  5. Try not using the extension lead, if fitted. (remove sender and plug into 1.4mt lead from display and blow into lightly to check)
  6. Press both buttons at the same time and release, H22 should be displayed.  If “H22” is notdisplayed, keep pressing and releasing the Display button until “H22” is displayed.  Wait until the screen turns off and the unit will memorise the setting.  This is the correct code for the ½’ sender supplied with these models.
  7. Screen turns on and snake at top of screen moves but amount does not change. See Item No 6 above.
  8. Check if Ltr is displayed in the bottom right hand corner.  See below to change.

To change from litres to gallons or gallons to litres:

  1. Disconnect the power (or batteries)
  2. Press and hold the “PROG” button while reconnecting the power.
  3. Release the button after you hear the long beep.  The display will be switched (from litres to gal, or gal to litres)
  4. Wait until the screen turns off and the unit will memorise the setting.

Why can’t I fit the sender before the pump?

  1. If you have no room after the pump, the sender can be fitted before the pump.  The only reason we stopped recommending it is if you do not tighten all connectors properly and there is a tiny pin hole, air will enter the hose line and the water will drain back into the tank.  If the sender is fitted on the pressure side any leaks become obvious.  So basically it can be fitted either side of the pump if everything is fitted correctly.  

No Display:

  1. AA battery models: Batteries fitted wrong way.  Remove and replace correctly.
  2. 12v Models:  Connected in reverse.  Connect red wire to positive and black to negative.

Screen flashes on when no water is being used:

  1. This can sometimes happen if the magnet in the sender stops next to the Hall Effect sensor inside the sender unit and there is any slight movement in the RV.   Simple solution is to open and close a tap quickly to move the impeller to a different position.
  2. Another choice is to turn the pump off if the 12v power for the display is coming from the same circuit (this is the recommended power source for the H2F-FM 12v  model).
  3. Another cause of this problem is if the water pipe does not have any water in it and the impeller is free to turn in air.  This can sometimes happen if the sender is fitted to the inlet side (suction side) of the pump.  In this case turn the display power off.  All settings and quantity will be memorised.

 Screen turns red: (H2F-FM only)

  1. This will happen if the battery voltage drops below 9 volt.
  2. When quantity reaches 000 or 001 the display will turn red and buzzer will sound.

These gauges have proven to be ultra-reliable and if you are still having problems or need help with any of the above instructions please contact us directly as we can normally fix any problems on the phone.

Is there a condition in which the tube does not change color?

No it will always change color.  

HOWEVER,  it changes color because the water warms the tube and the tube reacts to the warmer water by changing color and there are ribs inside the tube that will take longer to heat up than the outside walls so you will get a pinstripe effect.

But if you installed the SHOWERMI$ER vertically (instead of horizontally) where the water comes from the top and goes to the to the bottom and then back into the wall,  the water is falling through the tube as opposed to riding along the outside walls as it would in the horizontal position it will still work it will just take a little longer to show the color change.

The color change is set to occur at 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have a tank less water heater*. Will it affect the flow rate?

No. With the following assumption: With an average water pressure of 50PSI the SHOWERMI$ER will have a flow rate of approximately 2.2 gallons per minute.

*Note: tank less water heaters waste even more water than a water tank so the SHOWERMI$ER is even more important.

I thought showerheads in some areas, by law, are to restrict water flow to 1.5 gallons per minute.

This is true but does not apply to the SHOWERMI$ER because the showerhead is attached after the SHOWERMI$ER unit so the water out of the shower will meet local laws and regulations.

Are there installation instructions available?

Yes!  To download installation instructions goto our SHOP tab. Find the model you want instructions for then click on the picture of that model.  That will open up a gallery with installation pictures and a downloadable PDF or PowerPoint installation guide.


The best places to run the return line are as follows:

  1. New knockout directly to the ware tank.
  2. Tee into the fill line.
  3. Tee into the breath line.
  4. Tee into the drain line.

Note: teeing into the input line is not advised as it can create two issues, First air can get trapped in the line and build up to the point that the pump will lose prime. Second when you are in recycle mode the water will continue to get hotter and hotter instead of maintaining the desired temperature.

Are there dealership/distributor opportunities?

Yes. go to and down load the application. All Applications will be considered based on industry, location and your ability to service the local community. Dealers will also have a minimum opening order requirement and first shipment is C.O.D. unless per approved by our accounting department.